Gathering the Creative Nectar

Pollen Tribe Productions is a ‘not-for-profitʼ community arts centred organisation, based in the South West UK.

We coordinate a variety of event services, from concept, to design, to content management, to the actualisation of a production. Whilst always striving for excellence, we remain true to our grassroots focus of curating heart centred, family friendly spaces; with the intent of fostering connection, community vision, and the nurturing of wellbeing.

Working with the philosophy of 'small is beautiful' we also aim to apply sustainable design methodology & permaculture style principles from our core intent, and embrace the concept of acting for the benefit of the future generations.

The art that we create is entwined with a playful spirit, and a deep reverence for the natural world. Our themed content leans towards promoting solutions and nurturing community arts; encouraging nature connection, people empowerment, creative education and positive action.

- Breathe - Connect - Create - Dance - Sing - Play - Nature - Community - Gratitude -

We would would be happy to discuss your individual needs to help tailor and curate a bespoke themed production for your festival, party, wedding, or retreat.

You can Contact Us Here for a friendly chat.

From everyone at Pollen Tribe Productions - we wish you well ! Stay healthy and uplifted in spirit; take care of yourself and each other. The nectar is brewing in the artists hive. We will see you when the honey has fermented to mead.