Africa Yoga Project Fundraiser

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Dartington Hall
The Hex
9:00 am - 12:30 am

Event Details

In support of the AFRICA YOGA PROJECT

29th April at the Hex Studios, Dartington

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Come and join us for a day of exploration of diverse yoga practices, vibrant africa dance with live drummers or shakti dance with african flavour.

Stay on with us into the evening for a joyful celebration with African Drumming and the Pollen Tribe Soundsystem, bringing the sunny flavours of Reggae, Dub, Afrobeat, Funk, Calypso, Fusion, Soca and Cumbia to the dancefloor.

Doors Open 9am

Green Heart Kitchen breakfast will be available, fresh juice & granola pots - booking is advised contact Monica 🙂

Studio 1
9.30 - 11am Kundalini Yoga with Gal Orr
11.30 - 1pm Holistic Hatha with Joy Prater

Studio 2
9.30 - 11am Shamanic Yoga with Sam Ahern
11.30 - 1pm Vinyassa Flow Yoga with Monica Bailey


Studio 1
2.15 - 3.45pm African Dance and Live Drumming with Monica Bailey

Studio 2
2.15 - 3.45pm African Flavour Shakti Dance with Steph Bailey


Doors Open at 6.30pm

7pm - African Drumming Performance
8pm - midnight - Pollen Tribe Soundsystem

12 - 12.30am - Yoga Nidra Closing Circle with Monica Bailey & Sam Ahern

Advance £8 / Dropin £l0 per class
Evening £10 Advance / £12 Door
All Day Event £30 Advance / £35 Door


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Please find below a list of Yoga & Dance teachers, including what to expect from the class they will be teaching at the event.


Hello, my name is Galore (Bachanpal Sing if you want to use it welcome ,-) Have been practicing yoga and marshal arts for 25 years, until discovered Kundalini Yoga 5 years ago. Teachers training with ANS, KRI reg, and have been teaching this life science for 3 years now. We all want to be a light in this world, it's imprinted in our DNA. Kundalini yoga helps cut through the illusion, sail through the sea of thoughts and sensations, with your very own breath of life, to connect with the silent eternal truth within, the higher self, authentic self, source of being here, now. Experience your balance in a changing world, gracefully unravelling strength in the depths of your heart, to live who you are, in peace of love.

Sam Ahern

Sam has been practising yoga for over fifteen years. During this time she has explored many styles in many different countries, teaching within communities in New Zealand and South East Asia. After returning to the UK in 2013, she registered for the Devon School of Yoga Foundation Teaching Course, before going on to complete the full IYN 500hr Diploma with the school and since then has been teaching holistic hatha yoga to students in Devon and Sussex. Sam is also a qualified shamanic healer and has been drawn to combine her work, taking people on a journey back to their roots, releasing all negative energies as they enter Sacred Space and experience ‘Shamanic Yoga’

Shamanic Yoga is an ancient practice that takes place within an opening of Shamanic Sacred Space, inviting transformation through a deeper connection to nature and a releasing of the negative energies and patterns that keep us locked in the past. Both Shamanism and Yoga ask that we shed our fears and come into alignment with who we really are. After raising the vibration with the spirit drum, we will combine a fluid asana practice, pranayama, mantra and drum healing to help begin that transformation, bringing us into our all-powerful ‘now’.

Joy Prater

I am a yoga teacher, Textiles/Art teacher and mother, living in Totnes. I have grown up with yoga, meditation and similar practices, so my adult journey with yoga has been a natural progression for me, enriching and deepening my life experience. The Devon School of Yoga Teacher Training Course has so enhanced my life, that it is a joy to share what I have learnt with people.

This gentle yoga class is open to all levels including beginners. We will be taking our time to warm the body with exercises and stretches. Movement will follow the breath, stillness will integrate the movement. The invitation is to move at your own pace, practising gently or more dynamically as you feel to. We will also explore some stronger postures, but with plenty of time to rest and deepen into the practice.

Monica Bailey

Namaste, my name is Monica and I have had a love affair with yoga since my early twenties, but have been practising earnestly for the past 5 years. I have completed a 200 hour teacher training course which used Buddhist mindfulness techniques to inform my yoga practise. I have also just completed a 500 hour training in holistic hatha yoga with the Devon School of Yoga. My approach is to work from the inside out, using the asana to get into the body rather than the body being forced into an asana. Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word meaning to yoke or unite, so in my classes I focus on the body, breath, mind connection that brings us back to wholeness. 'Above all Yoga is about LOVE....not gain, not ambition, not power.'

In this vinyasa flow class, (union of breath & movement), we will be using traditional asana & pranayama techniques, together with live music, to flow on a journey through our spine, unlocking each vertebrae. We will warm up our bodies and open our hearts to the vitality of life that flows naturally through our bodies. This class is the perfect warm up to the African dance class in the afternoon.

Steph Bailey

Steph is a mother, a dancer, and a Shakti Dance and Kundalini Yoga instructor. She studied Physical Theatre at Dartington College of Arts and at the Amsterdam Mime School where she trained in material arts, mime technique, yoga and contemporary dance. She loves chanting, bhakti yoga, and Kundalini Yoga which form the core of her daily devotional practice. She currently teaches a weekly kids’ yoga club and open yoga classes in Totnes. The aim of her practice and teaching is to uncover and express the spark of infinite divinity within us all.

Shakti Dance weaves contemporary dance, yoga and your spontaneous creativity to awaken and inspire. It is an informal, fun and loving session of dance, yoga and meditation based on the form, alignment and flow of Kundalini Yoga, but with added free dance and funky African and Cuban beats! We tune in with a movement meditation, warm up with a series of guided floor stretches, then move into the standing phase to raise energy, with short choreographies and steps to channel shakti (Sanskrit for power!). After this comes the free dance phase. We complete the session with a powerful movement meditation. Absolutely no experience is needed in yoga or dance. Expansion guaranteed!


Come and experience a traditional West African dance accompanied by live drummers! Joyful, vibrant and inspiring – find your connection to Earth, Heart and Soul through African Dance. No previous dance experience necessary, just come and get your groove on!


Pollen Tribe is a multi media arts collective, based in the South West UK. We work closely with 'Roots in Culture Productions', a not for profit social enterprise, based on the Dartington Estate. Gathering the creative nectar, we collaborate with a network of visionary musicians, artists, performers & teachers to co-create events, and 'inspiration education' play-shops for kids and adults.
We recently commissioned a custom built soundsystem which we have been having a lot of fun taking out and playing our favourite tunes on ! We love getting people dancing, and helping to inspire people to be in touch with their playful creativity. The soundsystem, aka, 'Monica Honeyflower' is designed to be relatively compact, energy efficient, and solar friendly, so we can also bring the dances to festivals and outdoor spaces. She has a hi-fi style sound and lovely warm bass 🙂
We're happy to now have a regular slot doing 'Adventures in Bass' dance nights and other themed events at The Dartington Estate, including upcoming collaborations with 'The Africa Yoga Project', 'Roots into Reverence', and 'The Meadow - Dartington Wild Pollinator & Honeybee Sanctuary', as well as future events at 'The Harmonic Hive' in Glastonbury, and at 'St Peters Church' in West Firle, Sussex.

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YOGA NIDRA - Closing circle

Yoga Nidra is a relaxation technique in which the body is totally relaxed but the mind remains conscious. Monica & Sam will lead you through a guided journey using voice & spirit drum.
(Please bring a yoga mat & a blanket if you have one)
‘When sleep has not yet come,
And the sweet buzz of exhaustion
Permeates the body,
Linger in the ahhh of relief
As your head touches the pillow.

Everything in you is yearning to let go.
So let go, let your body fall
Into something deeper than sleep.
With your mind, enter
The soft luminous glow of the soul.’
Radiance Sutra # 52


Makers of beautiful, delicious, organic & healthy food. Vegan & wheat free. Catering for retreats, dinner party & events. Food workshops. Take away delights!


Kumar's Dosa Bar and Farm sells authentic South Indian food across a range of markets and festivals in Devon and Cornwall.