Beltane Bee Bonanza presented by Harmonic Hive & Pollen Tribe

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Sweet Track Centre
7:00 pm - 11:30 pm

Event Details


Please join us for an evening of Conscious Exploration & Celebration of the Sacred Bee through Ceremony, Drumming, Cacao, Movement, Prayer, Meditation, Visuals, Music, DJs, Film, Craft, Poetry, Dance & Sound Journey


Ceremonial opening & dedication of the Hive Space with Angie Twydall, Charly la Mar, Anna Bella & Sisters

Seasonal Wisdom From The Hive Collective

Hexagonal Superfood Raw Cacao Offering

Guided Musical Journey Into The Heart of The Hive

Sonic selections from DJ Green T with
Pollen Tribe & The Honeyflower Soundsystem
~ Reggae - Dub - Garage - Jungle - Breaks
World Tribal Fusion - Funk - Electro - Glitch - Psybass

Live interactive dreamscape visuals by Fractal Teapot

Venus Gong & Solfeggio Frequency Sound Journey with Janice

Closing Circle


Inspiring Bee Documentaries and Film

Glastonbury Friends Of The Earth Group will be sharing the national BEE CAUSE CAMPAIGN and let us know how we can all implement it locally

Bee-Centric Art & Craft with Rachel Madeline Pereira of Aeon Love Boutique

Alchemic Guitar Sounds with Jypsy Jem

Indian Head Massage with Nandita


High Vibrational Organic Cooked & Raw Food and Drinks (All Gluten-Nut-Refined Sugar+Additive Free)


Saturday May 6th 7:00 - 11:30pm

Sweet Track Centre, 44a High Street, Glastonbury, BA6 9DX

Contribution £10 / 7 (concession) Inclusive of a Hexagonal Superfood Chocolate

Children are welcome and free (just please be mindful of other particpants process during quieter & ceremonial parts of the night and if they are unsettled or being disruptive we ask you to kindly please take them to the chillout space or outside) 🙂

Please note this is an alohol & drug free event ♥ will will be High On Life 😉




Pollen Tribe is a multi media arts collective, based in the South West UK. Gathering the creative nectar, we collaborate with a network of visionary musicians, artists, performers & teachers to co-create events, and 'inspiration education' play-shops for kids and adults.
A percentage of profits from our events are donated to 'Roots in Culture', and 'The Meadow -Dartington Wild Pollinator & Honeybee Sanctuary'. Both are social enterprise projects based on the Dartington Estate, Devon.

We recently commissioned a custom built soundsystem which we have been having a lot of fun taking out and playing our favourite tunes on ! We love getting people dancing, and helping to inspire people to be in touch with their playful creativity. The soundsystem, aka, 'Monica Honeyflower' is designed to be relatively compact, energy efficient, and solar friendly, so we can also bring the dances to festivals and outdoor spaces. She has a hi-fi style sound and lovely warm bass 🙂

We're happy to now have a regular slot doing 'Adventures in Bass' dance nights and other themed events at The Dartington Estate, including upcoming collaborations with 'The Africa Yoga Project', 'Roots into Reverence', and 'The Meadow - Dartington Wild Pollinator & Honeybee Sanctuary', as well as future events at 'The Harmonic Hive' in Glastonbury, and at 'St Peters Church' in West Firle, Sussex.


Steep Your Imagination..

Fractal Teapot is the imaginal home to the creative works of visionary artist & storyteller of science, Jamie Perrelet.

"Let us be drunk on the fertile ferment of paradox.”


Janice has spent almost 20 years travelling, living, working and volunterring in 54 countries. Her journey with the Bees started after a profound meditation at the Artemis Temple in Turkey which led to the birth of Beeholdium, A Space to Explore and Celebrate the Sacred Bee. She is a graduate of a Bee Priestess Training led by Angie Twydall, a Priestess of Avalon in Glastonbury.

Janice is a Holistic Chef, specializing in creating Raw & cooked, vegetarian and vegan food and beverages, free from wheat, nuts, sugar & refined ingredients for special events and private clients. She's been pioneering and orgasnising Conscious Clubbing events in London and in the UK for over 6 years which combine Ecstatic Yoga, Song, Drumming, DJs, Dance wtih High Vibrational Food in an Alcohol and Drug free environment suiable for all ages.
Having been fascinated by Sacred Geometry for years, she currently makes Jewelry from it combined with Crystals, and especially loves making bespoke one-off tailor made commisions.

A fully trained Remo Health Rythms Facilitator with Christine Stevens & Dr Bary Bittman, she also studied with Rhythmical Empowerment under Somesh De Swardt as well as graduating from a Sound Healing Training with Tim Wheater & Cherub.
A peak experience and Initiation into Wombanhood came with her journey into motherhood which started over four years ago, led her to consciously choosing the route of an Unnasisted Pregnancy and amazingly empowering and healing Freebirth. She is passionate about creating personal healing sessions which encompass her work as a qualified Masseuse with the the potent energy of Sacred Geometry & Sound aided by the Plant, Mineral and Elemental Kingdoms.


Angie Twydall is a Therapist, Healer, Yoga Teacher, Doula, Bee Keeper and Priestess with over 17 years healing experience. She blends together the combination of practical and grounded experiences in the working world, together with a magical, liminal life of living as a Priestess.

Angie is a sensitive intuitive, soul healer and workshop facilitator, helping others to release deeply held emotions and wounding’s. She is trained in many different healing lineages; Grail Mystery School, Celtic Priestess of Rhiannon, Dragon lineages. Her healing work is supported by teachings from NFSH, Reiki, Shamanic, sexual and emotional healing, the Path of Love & Sacred Union. Together with the support and guidance of Kathy Jones, Angie is now re-claiming Goddess Healing and Priestessing practices. Angie facilitates the Red Tent Moonlodge in Glastonbury; sacred mystery sharing circles for women. As part of the wider Goddess community, she Priestesses at the annual Glastonbury Goddess Conference and works at the Goddess House as a Priestess Healer & Therapist.


Charly is a second generation Beekeeper, growing up in anround the smells and culture of bee keeping. Whilst living in Wales at Coed Hills she inspired many people to take up care of the bees through experiential talks and workshops. She has a passion for inspiring with nature which currently sees her working as a Forrest School Teacher. She will be holding space and guiding us through a meditation of the The Bees.