· Winter Solstice Warmer ·

Dartington Estate, Devon
Studio 30, The Hex
3:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Event Details

Pollen Tribe meets Listen Within


Winter Solstice Warmer

Pollen Tribe welcome you to join us in celebrating the arrival of the Winter Solstice, and the return of the light.

Let the sun light be a beacon of inspiration, and a reminder that brighter days will come.

Dancing and listening to drums, rhythms & melodies is an ancient practice, embedded into in our DNA as a memory; we dance to give thanks for this; for our ancestors, and for the 7 future generations that walk before us.


Welcoming in our special guest Benjamin Tree, who will be opening the space with some gentle breath work, followed by an Ecstatic Dance journey. For anyone new to breath work, or Ecstatic Dance, Benjamin is one of the best people to introduce you to it, with his playful, and relaxed presence, and his absolutely epic tunes! This is a family friendly session, all ages are welcome!

More info on Ben here:


Next up we have Bossa, a local jungle DJ who needs no introduction to many! Bossa will be curating his own unique drum and bass meditation journey called “Breathe & Bass”; with support from Benjamin Tree on the mic.

Check out Breathe & Bass here:


In support we have Green T bringing the musical sunshine with a mix of reggae, dub and raggamuffin carnival selections!


We’re very happy to also welcome local theatre troupe, ‘The Witches of the Wheel’ ; Rivka Green, Alice To & Bee, who will be sharing a Winter Solstice themed performance at the end of the event.


'Be You the Full' serving their vegan friendly delights with a smile:

A mix of high grade cacao, hot drinks, cakes, snacks, and other delicious treats!

Hot nourishing soup served up from 5pm - please bring your own bowl and spoon.


Honeyflower Soundsystem will be testing out their new spiral fibonacci speakers for this one! We’re going into full spiral stereo sound. Come and experience this new hi-fidelity creation.


£10 / £8 conc.

Under 13's go free! Please follow the ticket link to buy them a ticket anyway, (donations optional) so we can keep an eye on numbers.

Please note: Kids must be supervised.

Re: Sound levels & children - In order the find middle ground for everyone we will attempt to maintain adequate sound levels, whilst avoiding overly loud volumes. However, in the case of younger children, we would advise parents as a general idea for all gigs, festivals etc, to grab a set of ear defenders; we will be purchasing a few sets for loaning out at our events but likely won't have enough to cover every child.


Any donations in our ticketing system are optional, and are part of a vision to raise money for ‘Bee Food’ aka Wildflower Seeds, for distribution in the Spring - Autumn months of 2023. So far we have raised enough to buy almost a kilo of wildflower seeds (approx £100).

We will be going on tour with a group of costumed performers, and “PollenTrike” - a 12v mobile, musical, pollinator themed tricycle, which is powered by the ‘Honeyflower Soundsystem’; in a spiral speaker style.

PollenTrike is a mobile inspiration station and a creature carnival, festival experience. We are welcoming fellow collaborators; if you feel inspired by the idea and you have something to offer then please get in touch with us via our website, or you can email Green here >>


Studio 30, The Hex, Dartington Estate


Please park in the Aller Park car park. A word of warning - unfortunately, if you park elsewhere, you may end up getting a ticket from the estate warden.



* A bottle of water

* A change of clothing / something warm to put on after dancing

* A bowl & spoon if you want soup (served from 5pm)


* This is an alcohol free event

* Respect the personal space of other people

* No blagging

* Be Kind

We are unable to process ticket refunds. In the case of an unexpected cancellation of an event we would ideally forward the tickets on to the next suitable event.


See you on the dance floor…

Pollen Tribe: ‘Gather the Nectar’